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  • Back to School Routines

    5 videos

    Going back to, or even starting, school can be challenging for our young friends to shift into. Going from the freedom of summer to the structure of a curriculum, it can take some time for students to make that transition no matter how many times they have done it before. Let’s take the time to e...

  • Community and Acceptance

    6 videos

    We are all different. We come from different backgrounds, we live in different spaces and we all experience our lives differently from one another. Let’s take the time to listen, understand (as best as we can), and celebrate all of our unique experiences. We love and appreciate each other for the...

  • Traditions

    6 videos

    It is important to know where things come from, especially if we use those things to help ourselves here in the present. Understanding the origins can help us decide how to best use these practices for ourselves. We have the things we do because of the people that came before us. Let’s take the t...

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