We Grow Together

We Grow Together

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We Grow Together
  • Battle of the Books

    In Josh’s bedroom, tension mounts as each of his books battle over who will be chosen for story time. It’s every book for itself until Pirate Book needs rescuing, and the books must use their unique talents to save him. But when story time arrives, the battle resumes.

  • Tree Flow

    We've all grown so much together. Let's explore that growth in our movement as we build to tree pose.

  • Tissue paper flowers

    Join us as we explore the traditional mexican craft of making tissue paper flowers.
    What you’ll need:
    3-4 pieces of square tissue paper
    Pipe cleaner

  • Yoga Train

    All aboard! Join Cee and friends as they connect their poses together to build a yoga train. How long will you make your train?

  • Flower Breath

    Cup your hands together in front of you in the shape of a flower. Your fingers are the petals. Inhale through your nose as you smell the flower and exhale out of your mouth. Try this 3-5 times.